Usability Consulting

Interactive Wireframe Prototypes

Axure Wireframes for Event Company

An interactive line drawing of your new user interface.

Using industry standard prototyping sofware, Axure RP Pro, we can show you how your new web application will  interact before the visual design and programming pen hits the digital paper. 

Wireframe Prototypes for Saskatchewan town of Langham

Bottom line: this process can save you money. Here's how:
  • "The rule of thumb in many usability-aware organizations is that the cost-benefit ratio for usability is $1:$10-$100. Once a system is in development, correcting a problem costs 10 times as much as fixing the same problem in design. If the system has been released, it costs 100 times as much relative to fixing in design." (Gilb, 1988)
  • "The average UI has some 40 flaws. Correcting the easiest 20 of these yields an average improvement in usability of 50%. The big win, however, occurs when usability is factored in from the beginning. This can yield efficiency improvements of over 700%." (Landauer, 1995)

Information Architecture (Creating User-Friendly Navigation)

Information Architecture work in Saskatoon

Make your navigation user-friendly AND meet your marketing goals

Have you ever been to a website with only one goal in mind but ended up giving up because you couldn't find what you were looking for? That website was most-likely designed by someone with little to no experience in information architecture for the web. With our senior level team of interaction designers, we can help make sure the organization of your website is top notch, doesn't confuse your users, and delivers results. 

Not only does a beautifully designed IA (Information Architecture) make things easy for users, but Google loves it too. Take a look at our SEO case study to see some of the amazing results of a little IA love. 

Wireframes to Visual Design

Interactive prototypes visualized
Wireframe prototypes to user interface design

Wireframes Realized - From Line Drawing to Full Color Visual Design

We don't just stop at planning and designing how intuitive and easy-to-use interfaces function, we make them beautiful as well. Don't have a graphics or art department? Not a worry, let Lesia Design take care of that for you as well.  The above examples include a homepage design for the Saskatchewan Town of Langham website as well as an internal and external interface re-design for the Professional Association of SQL Server, 2012.

Usability Consulting - Before and After

Usability consulting

Does your user interface need a usability and visual design face-lift?

Let us help with that.  Lesia Design specializes in user-interface design for software and web applications.