Responsive Websites

Have your website "just work" automatically on desktop, tablet, or mobile.

Let us show you what responsive web design means:

  1. Re-size your browser window right now
  2. Look what happens

When you re-size your browser window and see the changes to this very website appear before your eyes, you mimic what would happen if you were to visit this website using a desktop computer, tablet, or mobile phone / device.

Not using a desktop computer right now? Well, feel free to take a look at this website on various different devices and screen sizes. You will see it gracefully adapt to fit almost any screen size.  In fact, some people refer to responsive web design as "adaptive web design". 

Basically, responsive web design utilizes the latest web technology (CSS3) to make your website accessible to every internet capable device without having to update multiple versions of your website (old school).

What responsive web design means to you:

  • No need to design and develop a second "mobile friendly" website - get all platforms accessible in one compact package with responsive web design
  • In some cases, there is no need to develop a iPhone, Android, etc. app when all you may need is a responsive website 
  • Optimize the mobile version of your website to reduce data charges

Lesia Design was the FIRST company in Saskatoon experienced in Responsive Web Design and Development