Web & Software Usability Consulting

Great interaction design makes your interface work better.

Lesia Design Will Build Your Website with Your Customers in Mind

Your customers have short attention spans.

It's no secret that if visitors to your website cannot find what they're looking for within seconds then they are off to your competitors. That's why website usability, the ease with which visitors to your website can find the information they are looking for quickly, is so important to the success of your site. 

At Lesia Design we build and create your website with your customers in mind. We'll build a website that communicates your message in a way that reflects your passion and professionalism. And we'll even build your website so that even your busiest, most hyper, multi-tasking, short attention span clients will be able to find the information they need on your website FAST!

The Importance of Content Strategy & Information Architecture

Lesia Design websites are noted for clean design and quick, intuitive navigation, which allows your visitors to find what they are looking for -- fast. Also known as your navigational structure, or simply “navigation”,  your information architecture is the structural backbone of your website. It can be compared to the framework of a house which is either easy to navigate around in, or guests get lost. Clean, consistent, and easy to use navigation, text, and labels all will help to enhance the browsing experience. 

The role of this information architecture assessment is to figure out a way to make your website work in the best, most user-friendly way possible.

Based on usability research (known as web best practices), Lesia Design will work with you on your information architecture to ensure that it is easy , intuitive, and provides your visitors with the helpful information they need.

Lesia Payne is a senior user-experience designer and makes interfaces intuitive and user-friendly.

Lesia Design has helped TELUS in Vancouver, Hotwire Inc. in San Francisco, and TSI (Terminal Systems International) here in Saskatoon, SK  by designing user-friendly interfaces for both web and software applications.  It’s one of our specialties.  Our expertise can serve all of your user-interface design needs, including:

  • Project requirements gathering 
  • Creating detailed wireframes (wireframing)
  • Prototyping 
  • User case studies
  • Workflow diagrams
  • Developing the look and feel of your interface

Award Winning User Interface Design

Ranked #1 August 2013

User experience / usability consulting clients include, but are not limited to:

Terminal Systems International - Saskatoon Saskatoon Food Bank & Learning Centre Electronic Arts, Canada Hotwire Inc. SaskCulture and Creative Kids - Regina - Saskatchewan TELUS